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Hamsa Sun Catcher

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The Hamsa Hand also known as The Hand of God and The Hand of Fatima is a talisman to defend against evil. When the fingers are pointed downward is it a symbolism of abundance, positivity, happiness, luck, health, good fortune and blessings to it's owner.

Hang this sun catcher in your window to fill your space with rainbows! This sun catcher has a large (40mm) Clear Asfour Crystal suspended in a 4" gold ring with a beautiful open designed Hamsa pendant followed by a champagne colored French pendeloque prism crystal.

Sun Catcher measures ~16.5L x 4"W 

All sun catchers are made with high quality Asfour glass Crystal which will never discolor holding their clear quality for timeless rainbows. Chains are 24k gold plated brass.